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Baobab festival : can you baobab stic ?

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Baobabs have flowers
And the lovely flowers
Open at night
Best for the Sifaka
All smell nice
Baobab flowers so white !
Houssen, Valisoa, Laya, Erica, Momed, Winnie CE2

Baobabs home of animals
Ants and other insects live
Over the rooftops
Birds have nests
All over the
Branches so high
Maeva, Mila, Krish, Matteo, Lubaina, Tahery CE2


Big tree
And so
Old and strong
Brown colours
And natural
Beautiful flowers

Big is the baobab
And natural and so
Brown are the branches
Are filled with water
Beautiful to see

Beautiful tree
And has flowers, is old
Oil so expensive
Big big trunk
Also has nice leaves
Brown in colour

Baobab is natural
And it’s fruits are sour
Oil is precious
Birds and ancestors enjoy it
All water flows in its trunk
Baobab is very popular

Big, very big tree
And with very sour fruit
Oil is transparent yellow
Branches are brown
Adansonia digitata its name
Baobab of Majunga

Best tree
And very generous
Occupy the world
Brown big trunk
And very old
Beautiful isn’t it ?

Best tree in Majunga
Arty and natural
Observe the king of the forest
Brown strong trunk
And it has flowers and
Big branches too

Baobab I am
Animals love me
Original of Majunga
Big and strong
And very old with
Brown long roots

Beautiful is baobab
And natural,
Old baobab of Majunga
Brown in colour
Animals love it
Big big branches

Baobab wonderful tree
And your fruits to see
Original and natural
Brown branches
Ants live here
Bats and birds too

Baobab is big
And natural
Old but beautiful
Brown and black
Action near a beach
Birds and visitors

Baobab is beautiful and big
And it’s very old
Open to the sky
Brown in colour
Animals love to be in its
Big long branches

Baobab is natural
Animals like baobabs
Old tree
Baobab is beautiful
And very tall
Best tree in nature

Beautiful branches
Animals and tourists enjoy
Odours and smells pass
Brown in colour
Amazing fruit
Best tree in the forest

Beautiful animal home
And natural
Ocean of souvenirs
Beasty force
And mother of all trees
Branches by the millions

Beautiful and twisted
Almost like a pretty plait
Old and mysterious
Bending like a road
Amazingly unique
Baobabs are all these and more
Jessica Katy

Big tree
Animals like you
Old but you are
Big and wise
Arty and upside down
Best beautiful tree

Big tree
And broad
Of nature
Best tree
Anyone can see
Beautiful tree of Majunga

Best tree in the world
And you are beautiful
Old you are
Bendy and nice
Animals adore you
Baobab you are cool

Best tree of the world
About nature
Old tree
Beautiful tree
And brown
Because you’re a tree

Best tree of Madagascar
Archive of the forest
Open to the world
Big brown tree
All natural archive
Beautiful tree

Big and natural
Animals live in it
Open and original
Broad - indestructable
And brown
Bark so smooth, so smooth

Baobab so big
And natural
Old observer
Best fruit
And look
Branches are brown

Baobab is beautiful
And so brown
Obeys nature
Best of all baobabs
An example
Big tree of our town


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